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Australian made,
Italian heritage

In 1946 in the small Sicilian town of Solarino Paolo Inturrisi was born from the age of ten Paolo earned a wage picking olives and helping out the workers in nearby olive groves. Here he not only dreamed about having his own plantation one day but learnt the Sicilian secrets of making fine cold-pressed olive oil.

At the age of 21 Paolo immigrated to Australia, where in 2001 he would see his dreams of owning his own family olive farm come to fruition. He planted his first lot of olive trees on Bylands Estate in Victoria today a thriving farm. The latest addition in 2015 to Bylands Estate is a Pieralisi processing plant and the acquisition of Kyneton Olive Oil. The two family groves have had a long working relationship over the past ten years sharing there Italian heritage and secrets from two Italian regions renown for producing some of Italy’s finest quality olive oil.

Our Family Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Is processed from exclusively selected olives to deliver a superior quality product for the use in specialty dishes. This process is an effort we undertake as a family. We discuss which oils should be blended with which, and if necessary re-blend. The oil is sampled and re-sampled until it is considered to be the best in texture, quality and ultimately taste. Family Selection Extra Virgin Olive Oil has ensured us many awards and praise.

Our Nonnas Crushed Olives

The traditional process we use today goes back for many generations and ensures the flavour and texture remains pure and consistent.

Infused (Agrumato) Oils

Agrumato method meaning olives and fresh fruits are processed together through our processing plant.
In the modern era where people have busy lifestyles we have introduced Infused Oils to add extra flavours to your meals without the inconvenience of sourcing items which may be out of season. Hence you can spend more time enjoying your meals and less time preparing them. Once again we source the best and freshest ingredients using the Agrumato method of enhancing the flavour to our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Our Infused Oils are available in six flavours – Lemon, Ginger, Garlic, Chilli, Basil, and Herb. The use for these oils is endless, from the beginning of a stirfry to drizzling over completed dishes.

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Kyneton Olives also process, bottle and label for other growers who may be looking for that extra service. We also buy high quality olives from growers who wish to sell their harvest. For more information on our services click here.

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