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Garlic Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Garlic Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil can complement roasts, vegetables, stir-fry’s, salads and many other dishes. You can add ‘ Garlic Infusion to your linguine marinara or simply use it to make garlic ciabatta bread.

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Infused garlic is perfect for any plans you have in the kitchen. Found in recipes in various cuisines, our distinctive and delicious infused garlic oil is precisely what you need to begin any culinary adventure.

Contrary to popular belief, traditional Italian cuisine does not use as much garlic with olive oil as expected. While it was popularised in Australia by Italian immigrants and other European migrants, those living in Italy prefer a lighter touch, using it to enhance the other ingredients in a dish.

Less is more, and this is what we keep in mind when crafting our products. We strive for an authentic, gentle fusion using the Italian Agrumato method that can bring out the best in your meals.

Our garlic-infused oil also carries a whole host of other health benefits. Garlic has been long recognised as a healing ingredient: it boosts your immune system, reduces blood pressure, improves cholesterol levels, combats sickness and contains many antioxidants and nutrients to keep you going.

Perfect for pasta, stir-fries, marinades, meats, vegetables, prawns, bruschetta and, of course, drizzled over fresh bread to make a quick and delicious ciabatta.

We have had positive feedback from some of our returning customers that our garlic-infused olive oil was also suitable for their FODMAP diet who love to cook with garlic cloves and miss the flavour in their food.

Make garlic-infused extra virgin olive oil like Nonna

Our garlic infused extra virgin olive oil recipe has been passed down through generations right into your kitchen cupboard! We press freshly picked olives and garlic together to get the best of both, creating an aromatic oil that delights the senses.

About our Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oils

We know that people have less time to prepare culinary masterpieces in today’s world. However, that doesn’t mean you should compromise on flavour!

Our infused oils provide the perfect base for anyone — from chefs to home cooks — to create appetising and nutritious meals. We have a range of flavours, from our Agrumato lemon, chilli oil and herb-infused oil selection.

We have been recognised as having in 2018 Best flavoured olive oil in show, Champion Agrumato in show for our basil oil – and best-flavoured olive oil in show – plus Champion Agrumato in show 2019 for our chilli oil in the prestigious Australian International Olive Awards. Our products have been recommended by chefs worldwide based on their freshness and quality.

Need more recipe ideas for dinner? Check out some of the listings — aioli, caesar salad dressing or prawns and fettuccine — on our recipes page!

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