Kyneton Olive Oil
featured on Channel 9
Postcards series

olive-oil-country-new“As any Italian will tell you, the older the wine the greater it tastes. With olive oil, however, fresh is best. At a certain point along your drive to Barfold about 70 minutes north of Melbourne, the landscape starts to include olive groves and grazing cattle, and that’s when you know you’ve stumbled into ‘Olive Oil Country’. Kyneton Olive Oil is an Italian family business and together with The Grove at Bylands’ Estate which they have had a harvesting agreement with for the past 10

years produces eight different varieties, all designed to enhance the flavors of your meal. At Kyneton Olive Oil, olives from the farm trees are harvested and on the same day they are de-leaved, washed, crushed and put through cold extraction. After an hour and a half the oil is produced and then it’s bottled. Kyneton Olive Oil don’t stop at olive oil; the plantation also produces crushed olives, whole green and black olives and olive tapenade. So come along and try Kyneton’s specially made whole olives.

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