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//Infused Olive Oils

Your New Favourite Infused Olive Oil

While flavoured olive oil may seem like a relatively modern concept, they date back centuries. They have even been used in traditional Italian cooking to preserve fresh foods in eras where there was no refrigeration.

Back in the day, vegetables like garlic and chilli would quickly spoil, along with fresh herbs and other produce, but fusing it into oil gave it a much longer shelf life. This allowed people to season and cook their food simultaneously – without losing their produce to spoilage.

These days, we use flavoured olive oils to spice up dishes of all kinds, creating an infusion that’s truly revolutionary. And thanks to our unique range at Kyneton, we offers some of the most unique blends and creations in this category of the market.

There’s so much to love about our flavoured olive oils

At Kyneton, we have worked tirelessly to create the perfect recipe for our products, experimenting with tastes and textures for the ultimate profile. Now, we’re proud to bring our creations to the forefront of the online marketplace, bringing everything there is to enjoy about this condiment to everyday Australians.

The many health benefits to enjoy

Did you know that the advantages of infused olive oil are well-documented in the health field? Backed by monounsaturated fats that are responsible for lowering cholesterol levels, this food item is perfect for aiding overall heart health and protecting your hard-working arteries.

Additionally, olive oil of all kinds is known to support the prevention of heart attacks and strokes, reduce inflammation and pain and limit your chances of developing diabetes or Alzheimers. Plus, with endless antioxidants on offer, there’s so much to enjoy about these infused olive oils and nothing to lose.

Finally, when you couple these health benefits with a daily dose of fresh vegetables and herbs, your body will be left thanking you for both the nutritious addition to your everyday cooking and the delicious taste.

You get even more good things in your diet. Our range of infused olive oil products include the following veggies and herbs that provide the following benefits:

Shop online now at Kyneton to stock up on all of our crowd-favourite infusions now. We offer delivery around Australia, so you can enjoy our much-loved products sooner. Have a question you’d like answered? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team, who will happily provide assistance at any time.