Olio Nuovo: A New Oil for a New, Healthy Lifestyle

Olio nuovo, sometimes referred to as olio novello, is a celebratory olive oil best enjoyed as fresh as possible. What’s the reason for the celebration, you may ask? Olive oil producers all over the world  work hard to prepare different categories of olive oil during the yearly harvest in late autumn, with olio nuovo being the first, freshest batch. What is Olio Nuovo? The first batch of olive oil released every year, appropriately called olio nuovo “new oil” and as one might

Outside The Kitchen: Different Ways to Use Olive Oil

Olive oil is something that many of us have introduced into our diets, as many are aware of the huge range of health benefits that it offers. People use olive oil in a variety of ways in the kitchen – for instance, to cook food, within dishes they make from scratch, and as a dressing on salads. However, while consuming high-quality olive oil is very beneficial to health, there are also many other ways in which you can use and

5 Cool Historical Uses of Olive Oil

Olive oil is a well-known superfood with plenty of culinary uses (and health benefits), but its use is nothing new – by a long shot. Perhaps first cultivated in the Neolithic period around 6,000-8,000 years ago, olives and their residual oil have long been used by ancient peoples for some pretty cool uses you may or may not have known about. Here are five of them: 01. Lamps & Lighting Perhaps you’ve heard that in ancient times, homes were traditionally lit with

4 Ways Olive Oil Aids Your Health

Olive oil has become very popular over the years, with many people using it in all sorts of dishes and for cooking a wide range of foods. This is an oil that is obtained by pressing whole olives, and the taste of different olive oils can vary based on the olives used and the processing techniques used. The highest quality olive oil is extra virgin, which is unrefined and made from cold-pressed olives. Whether you use olive oil for cooking, dressing

The Many Benefits of Olive Oil

Many people these days use olive oil in a variety of ways when cooking or preparing food. Some use it for frying, others for roasting, and many of us use it as a dressing in salads. If you are trying to maintain good health, you will be pleased to know that olive oil offers a variety of great health benefits, particularly if you use extra virgin olive oil in your cooking and food. The great news is

Kyneton Olive Oil featured on Channel 9 Postcards series

The following is an extract from Channel 9 Postcard Series (narrated by Shane Crawford): “As any Italian will tell you, the older the wine the greater it tastes. With olive oil, however, fresh is best. At a certain point along your drive to Barfold about 70 minutes north of Melbourne, the landscape starts to include olive groves and grazing cattle, and that’s when you know you’ve stumbled into ‘Olive Oil Country’. Kyneton Olive Oil is an Italian family business and

Annual Open Weekend

Annual Open Weekend Tastings and Sales Open Weekend : Sat 11th, Sun 12th & Mon 13th June 2016 Time : 10am – 4pm More Information: CLICK HERE TO VIEW FLYER A great weekend to sample our new season products • Fresh extra virgin olive oils (including infused oils) • Table Olives and tapanade (naturally processed) • Tours of our processing facility • Wine tastings (local wineries) • Lunch and refreshments served throughout the day • Local produce market