Olio Nuovo: A New Oil for a New, Healthy Lifestyle

//Olio Nuovo: A New Oil for a New, Healthy Lifestyle

Olio nuovo, sometimes referred to as olio novello, is a celebratory olive oil best enjoyed as fresh as possible. What’s the reason for the celebration, you may ask? Olive oil producers all over the world  work hard to prepare different categories of olive oil during the yearly harvest in late autumn, with olio nuovo being the first, freshest batch.

What is Olio Nuovo?

The first batch of olive oil released every year, appropriately called olio nuovo “new oil” and as one might imagine, it’s as fresh as can possibly be pressed within hours of being harvested.

It’s a superfood designed for consumption within a short timespan (about three to six months after pressing). The freshly-pressed oil looks a little different from most olive oils you may have seen. Think of a cloudy oil in a bright green and gold colour. 

The reason for its cloudiness comes from its raw state whereby olive particles and sediment are processed whole through the centrifuge at low temperatures. No ageing, no racking, no filtering. Just pure taste and freshness.

Taste & Freshness

In terms of freshness, think of it as a major upside with a major downside as well. Extra virgin olive oil has a freshness of about 3-6 months and a reasonably long shelf life, but olio nuovo should be consumed within 3 months of being pressed. 

As for taste, well, we’re willing to wager you’ve never tasted olive oil with such a rich taste. In fact, this type of oil is what is commonly taste-tested raw in Italy by dipping a piece of bread inside. This is where it truly stands out. You could use it for cooking, but that would be like making mincemeat of top-quality steak.

How Can I Use Olio Nuovo?

Olio nuovo is best used raw in a wide assortment of dishes and snacks. Use it with pasta and crushed black pepper for a wonderful, rich taste. Try it out in a dipping bowl mixed with sea salt surrounded with raw vegetables as a tasty appetiser. Imbibe it from a tablespoon for all of the healthy phenols contained therein.

However you choose to use your bottle of olio nuovo, let it do its work by providing its intense, raw flavour. If you absolutely must cook with this tasty oil, cook on low/medium heat rather than on high, which can burn and render the taste perhaps a little too bitter for your liking.

How Should I Store Olio Nuovo

Ideally, you should be keeping your olive oils in a cupboard protected from natural sunlight and away from sources of heat (i.e. ovens). Olio nuovo is particularly sensitive to sunlight, so keep a lid on it and stash it away into the shadows to retain its full flavour and freshness.

Do not store olio nuovo past its shelf life. We don’t think this will be a problem since you’ll love its flavour so much that you’ll be asking for another bottle well before that date arrives!

Kyneton Olive Oil

At Kyneton Olive Oil, we are proud to carry fresh, new olio nuovo to celebrate the yearly harvest.